February 19, 2018

About JP Pullos

JP Pullos has been a professional photographer for five years. In that time, his images have shown up in The New York Times, GQ, New York Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, The New York Observer, The Village Voice and Time Out New York.

He teaches photography classes in New York City and has taught over 2,000 people how to use their cameras. His Central Park photography class was chosen by NY Magazine as one of the top ten things to do over Memorial Day weekend 2010.

Now, JP wants to make his lessons available to those who can’t make it to New York through a series of online videos focusing on specific types of camera equipment.

When he isn’t teaching, you’ll most likely find JP photographing celebrities on and off the red carpet.

Contact JP to learn about his upcoming classes and book a private photography lesson for the next time you are in New York!

Other Nikon Video Manuals by JP

If you have another Nikon camera or know someone who does, here are other Nikon video manuals by JP.

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D5100 Video Manual

D3100 Video Manual 

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