February 19, 2018

JP Pullos presents a 14-part Nikon D90 video manual that replaces your standard Nikon D90 manual forever

So You Own a Nikon D90…

Your D90 manual covers the bases, but it’s long, dry, and detached. You wish someone would bring it to life—or give you the highlights.

Winging it is another option. Maybe you’re good with trial and error. But here’s the blind spot: you don’t know what’s out there to learn. And then, you’re using just a tiny piece of your $1,500 investment.

Our 14-part D90 Video Manual provides the perfect balance. In plain English, using vivid stories and examples, JP Pullos shows you how to create dazzling, professional images that do justice to your D90.

  • We talk about shutter speed and aperture—and tell you exactly when you need to change them.
  • We look at ISO—and put it into context. Ditto with white balance, RAW images, and more.
  • We talk about composition. We show you how to blur backgrounds, and achieve other artistic effects.
  • The whole time, JP is showing you which buttons and dials to press.

In other words, JP brings your D90 manual to life.

Get unlimited access to all 14 videos for a one-time payment of just $27.

Unlimited Access

After you purchase access to all 14 videos, you can watch them and learn over a week or learn over six months. Also, if you learn something but forget it, you can always come back to the videos two years later if you want to. The membership is indefinite.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

The D90 Video Manual comes with a full 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you sign up and then decide it wasn’t worth the money, you can get a full refund.
Joining is completely risk-free!

Picture this: You can be a great photographer!

See you in class.